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To see each Indian Healthier and Happier !

Genomic information has the power to redefine the future for everyone. Our mission is rooted in the idea that genetic knowledge can revolutionise the way medicine is practised, empowering every Indian to make informed decisions about their health through the transformative potential of genetics.

MyDNA is dedicated to elevating the health of Indians by providing personalised, actionable insights through genome testing. We not only unravel the mysteries surrounding health, fitness, and genetic disorders but also offer a glimpse into the future, predicting risks associated with genetic and lifestyle diseases.

Our Partners

MyDNA stands as the flagship brand within the Lords Mark Microbiotech portfolio—a dynamic subsidiary of the esteemed Lords Mark Industries. This venture signifies a pivotal move into the cutting-edge realms of preventive and clinical genetic testing.

Leveraging the profound legacy of Lords Mark Industries, a powerhouse with 25 years of excellence in Security paper, solar & LED lighting, Electrical Vehicles, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostic equipment, and IVD devices. MyDNA emerges as a revolutionary force in the domain of genetics.


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